SD          Reflections               Poetic Briefs

              Sherri Donovan is a published author and blogger. Reflections is her second book of poetry. Her first poetry book is entitled, Matryoshka Rising. Her poems have also been published in the Poetry Anthology. Sherri has performed her poems at the Cornelia Street Cafe, New York County Lawyers Association, and in-salon poetry circles internationally. Her articles have appeared in The Huffington Post, New York Law Journal, Cosmopolitan and Parent Magazine. Sherri Donovan is also a family lawyer, founder of the nonprofit, Art Helping Life, Inc. and has traveled to 136 countries. After many years in New York City, Sherri is currently residing in Oyster Bay, Long Island.  You can read more blog posts from Sherri Donovan at’sblog.

           Sherri’s newest poetry book is entitled, ReflectionsReflections was written during quarantine, travels cut short from COVID-19 and from vulnerable parts of her heart with words that were sometimes better left unsaid but spilled out anyhow. Reflections is divided into three parts: Plague Poetry, Journeys and Heartbreaks. The book also includes many of Sherri’s photographs. Some of the topics deal with domestic violence, genocide and family dynamics. Ashley Blanz assisted with editing and formatting.

        Sherri’s first book of poetry is Matryoshka Rising, Poetic Briefs.  The poems in Matryoshka Rising can sting and please our senses. They are inspired by 5 a.m. silences, in between spaces and injustice. They capture a fleeting moment, a snapshot of an emotion. The book is divided into five parts: New York City, Going Global, Human Rights, Love & Pain, and Words. Meagan Jennett provided editorial and formatting assistance.

             Sherri’s poetry books are available utilizing the 3 links below:

Happy Reading and reviews welcome on Kindle, Amazon and this blog post.






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Matrimonial & Family Attorney. Mediator and Family Coordinator.
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